Thursday, May 26, 2016

Artist Map Bulletin Board

In my art room I have the following bulletin board to use as a reference when I introduce a new artist to my students.

My students absolutely love it! They are often shouting out 'I can see him on the map, wow he's close/far!' It helps them make connections to the artists by seeing where they are from, when they lived, and what they look like.

The map is always growing as I add new lessons with new artists. Currently I have 15 different artist cards created (only 14 are hung up this year). If you would like to implement this map into your own classroom I have put the download file on my TpT.

My cards are also color coded by grade level learning about them. The colors are the same as the 'I Can' statements for each grade level. K-Yellow, 1-Orange, 2-Blue, 3-Green.

Some artists are discussed in more than one grade level, but I haven't figured out a great way to change the border color so it still appears cohesive. I'll figure it out eventually!


  1. I hope you don't mind but I put up a link to this post over on my art teacher bulletin board blog. Bulletin Boards to Remember is the name.
    I also put up a link to your TPT store. Here's the address of my TPT store, though it is art sub related and not bulletin board related: