Friday, December 2, 2016

Fourth Grade Painted Paper

Fourth graders were working hard today on their patterned painted papers! Each table got a different set of colors to use with a variety of scrapers for adding texture. These papers will ultimately turn into the background of their color wheel project.

I will post the final results with the color wheel 'eyeball' glued on top when complete!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Illuminated Letter Lesson Plan

Purchase and download my version of illuminated letters inspired by medieval art and The Book of Kells. I ran this lesson with fourth grade and I don't suggest going any lower since you are working with sheets of metal which can be sharp.

The 8 page booklet includes three handouts created by me: a design inspiration handout, the frame template required, and an extension activity as well as instructions and a list of materials.

Check it out over at my TpT store!

Monday, October 24, 2016

'I Can' Statements Download

Another TpT document available!

Previously in my room I used laminated pieces of paper to write my I Can statements for each grade level. It has become increasingly annoying to get up on the ladder to clean them, then re write based on the new project.

I have created 8.5x11 printable I Can statements for all my projects through out the school year. Most of these are very broad and can probably be used in your room. However, in the download I have included a word doc as well so the files can be edited!
FYI, the font I used is called 'throw your hands up in the air'.

Next is to print them, add the color coded border, laminate, and use for years to come!

To purchase this resource head on over to my TpT Store!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

4th Grade Artist Statements

Here is another post on teacher evaluation for you!

As my previous post mentioned, a standardized/concrete measure is required of all teachers. This falls under Indicator of Academic Growth and Development (IAGD) #1.

Now I will touch upon what is required of IAGD #2, the non-standardized assessment. The success of this goal is measured based upon a rubric. In the past, my focus area has ranged from critical analysis of an artwork to self portraiture. This year I am focusing on artist statements with my fourth graders!

The slightly confusing part of it all is that these two IAGDs should work together to support one larger, broader Student Learning Objecting (SLO) that works to support our school wide goals. Our school wide goals happen to be the 4C's:
Critical Thinking
(oh and a new one this year) Character

Pretty easy to connect anything I do in my art room to AT LEAST one of those!

My SLO this year: ​Students in 4th grade will develop excellence in communication by conveying meaning through the presentation of artistic work. (VA:Pr6)

In order to further support our content area I threw in which specific National Standard I am using. (Presenting, Anchor Standard 6)

On to the freebies!

I have been working on some documents to guide my 4th graders along through the process of writing an artist statement. Included in the PDF is also the rubric I created to grade them.

Hope this was at least a bit helpful to you as we all try to figure out and manage data collection in the art room!

These are only previews. Download the full version (for free!) at my TpT Store.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Color Theory Pre and Post Test

As part of teacher evaluation I am expected to collect data within my art classroom. My standardized (concrete, measurable) goal has dealt with color theory over the past three years. Here are some of the tests I have created for my students in grades 2-4. I hope this helps you on your journey through data collection in the art room!


These are only previews. Download the full versions (for free!) at my TpT store.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bulletin Board Dump

Here are a few of the bulletin boards I have created so far this year!

I hope that these help to inspire you in your own creations :) 

What I did this summer!

Hello all, I hope you had a restful and exhilarating summer! I myself traveled to Europe for the first time ever. Needless to say it was exciting. When I got back from my vacation I painted a staircase to the entrance of a local middle school as well as some old, unused lockers. This middle school is an Arts Magnet Middle School, so on the lockers I painted in the style of a few famous artists. I did not finish my task, and will be sure to post the final installments upon completion! Here is what I did complete:

The remaining artists include: Piet Mondrian, Romero Britto, Vincent van Gogh, and Roy Lichtenstein.