Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Oil Pastel Organization

After four complete years of teaching I have finally figured out a way to sort my oil pastels in a way that will be easy to pass them out as well as store them. It should be relatively simple for my first through fourth graders to keep them organized as well - here's to hoping!

Here's the run down. I bought 6 jewelry sorters from Michael's which normally run $8.29 each ,which can be pricy, but I waited until they were on sale for 50% off and then used my teacher's discount on top of that for an extra 15% off. This brought the grand total of each container to $3.53.

Jewelry containers do go on sale for 60% off every once and awhile and if you can couple that with a 20% entire purchase (including sale items) then you can really get the most bang for your buck!

I bought these specific containers because the inserts are removable so I could really customize how I wanted to sort my pastels.

Each container has an attached lid with two small latches that ensure the lid is securely closed, which will help prevent any spills while students are passing them out. I love how easily they stack as well!

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